Why pay for checking when you can have your Checking Account at Public Works Credit Union – with no monthly service charge and NO per-check fees! If you have direct deposit, maintain an average daily checking balance of $500, have total account balances greater than $2500, or you are under 18, checking is FREE! If you don’t meet one of those requirements, there’s a small service fee of $4 per month.
Our checking program provides these features:

All the check-writing privileges of standard checking accounts.
No minimum balance required
No per-draft charges
ATM service with cash withdrawals of up to $500 daily
Can I use Convenience Checking the same way I would use a bank checking account?

Absolutely. You may write checks to make purchases, to pay bills or to collect cash, exactly as you would with bank checks.

Additionally, Convenience Checks feature “carbonless-copy” duplicates, so you’ll always have a record of checks you have written.

Why is a Convenience Checking Account better than bank checking?

Convenience Checking has no per-check fees. The typical bank checking account does not offer this special advantage! So when you open your PWCU Convenience Checking Account, you can be sure you’re getting more benefits that you would with a bank checking account.

But that’s not all you get with Convenience Checking … when combined with PWCU’s low-cost VISA Card and Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) Card, Convenience checking is part of your credit union’s comprehensive package of financial services for the modern family. What this means for you is 24-hour access to cash, credit and purchasing power!

Is it easy to open a Convenience Checking Account?

It sure is! Just fill out an application and return it to the credit union office. Your initial deposit, which may be as little as $50, officially opens your account. We’ll even give you 12 personalized checks to get started, so you can begin writing checks immediately. Low-cost imprinted checks are ready within 10 to 14 days.

Applications may be requested at the PWCU office, or by calling (626) 458-5175.

Will I receive a monthly statement?

Yes. Your easy-to-read monthly statement will clearly list all transactions. If needed for proof of payment, a validated photocopy of any original cancelled check can be provided for a nominal fee.