New & Used Vehicle Loans
Low rates and comfortable terms on auto, RV, boat, water craft, motorcycle and motor home loans.

Dual Collateral (“Auto Equity”) Loans
An auto loan secured by the equity in your home, so the interest you pay may be tax-deductible.

Personal Loans & Lines of Credit
Low fixed rates for unsecured loans; plus overdraft protection up to $2,500.

Savings-Secured Loans
Borrow against funds on deposit at our lowest rates.


Fixed & Variable-Rate Mortgages
Available for purchase or refinance, our conforming loans feature competitive rates. Choose from 15-year fixed-rate loans or 30-year variable-rate loans with a 5% lifetime cap.

Home Equity Loans
For a one-time purpose, this fixed-rate loan can provide up to $150,000.

Home Equity Line of Credit
The easy way to access equity whenever you need it, this variable-rate line can also furnish up to $150,000 of credit.

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