Our VISA Card is Better!

There’s no topping the advantages of a VISA Card from your PUBLIC WORKS CREDIT UNION … with lower costs and more benefits than credit cards from practically any other financial institution!

PWCU’s VISA offers a low annual percentage rate (APR) that is generally less than rates charged by outside banks and financial institutions. Call for our current low rate.

Unlike many other cards, PWCU’s VISA Card has no annual fee … AND no cash advance fee!

Our full 25-day “Grace Period” means that you pay no new finance charges when the full amount of your balance is paid before the billing cycle closes.

As a universally recognized form of credit identification, your PWCU VISA Card is accepted worldwide, wherever the VISA emblem is displayed.

VISA Card is invaluable as a means of covering unexpected or emergency expenses … for taking advantage of special sales and bargains … and for traveling without the worry and convenience of carrying cash.

Combine convenience and lower cost with a credit card that features NO annual fee, a 25-day grace period, and a low fixed rate you can depend on!